About the RABA Group

The Regional and Business Airports (RABA) Group has been established to provide a collective voice for UK airports with less than 3 million passengers per annum.

This important sector of the aviation industry lacks the public and political presence to ensure that its value is recognised and its unique challenges are fully considered in policy and regulation making.

Background and History

The Group was originally established to make collective representations on behalf of smaller airports to the Davies Airport Commission.  The collaboration initially called itself UAG (UK Airports Grou ...

Terms of Reference

To provide value to the membership RABA should seek to research, advise and advocate on areas of common interest for smaller airports in the UK.  These should be related principally, though not exclus ...

Latest News

RABA Affiliates

RABA are proud to welcome the European Regional Airline Association (ERA) as an affiliate member.



If you would like know more about the Regional and Business Airports Groups services or would like to enquire about becoming a member then please get in touch.